Thoughts on Advent

Sitting in the quiet glow of Christmas lights and an Edison bulb lamp, I wonder how Mary must have felt while riding on the back of a donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Her husband, Joseph, at her side. Was she scared? Overwhelmed with anticipation? Or was she at peace knowing that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, would soon be born from her virgin womb?

I’ve never thought much about Advent until recently. Maybe my Baptist roots are to blame. I never noticed much emphasis given to Advent in church growing up. Or maybe the problem was exactly that. I never noticed.

This Advent season, I’m taking the time to notice. I’m taking the time to meditate on this promised Prince of Peace, and I’m clinging tightly to the promises he’s made. Promises like the ones made to David that a king would be born of his lineage who would one day save the world. Promises like the ones made to shepherds out in a field about a baby who would bring great joy to all people.

Theses promises give me hope and peace. They give me hope in seeing how God was faithful to his word a couple thousand years ago, and knowing that he is still faithful to do so today. They give me peace in knowing that I have a heavenly father who desires to have a relationship with me and cares about my well-being. He is near to me, and he will comfort me in my grief.

After losing my mom in August, I find myself needing a little extra comfort this Advent season. And maybe you’re feeling the same way for reasons all your own. My prayer and my challenge to you, dear friend, is this: that your need for comfort causes you to lean into the Lord and receive the love the he so freely gives, that you may cling a little harder to the promises of God, and in these promises, may you find hope and peace.

Happy Advent, and Merry Christmas.